Your basic Broadband Wireless Access business guide

Taking BWA Back to Basics

BWA otherwise known as Broadband Wireless Access is quite simply the wireless process used to transfer data to both consumers and businesses. Amongst the most prevalent BWA options is LAN, however emerging innovation such as 3G and Metropolitan Area Networks are adding diversity to into the equation. But that’s not all. Should you require a single solution providing optimum operation, then the simple combining of wireless LAN, 3G and Metropolitan Area Networks achieves remarkable results. So,  should you be working in an environment which does not have access to a wired network and you don’t want to time or hassle of installing one, then BWA is certainly worth a closer look.

Wireless LAN – putting the control in your hands

Thankfully there is an extensive range of wireless LAN controllers, so rest assured, there is one which will meet your individual needs – perfectly. 

Benefits at-a-glance

Despite 3G and Metropolitan Area Networks also being readily available it’s somewhat easier to initially focus on the individual benefits of wireless LAN. LAN controllers are an ideal solution for a whole range of industries and businesses of all sizes – large and small. But what are the advantages? Well, let’s take a look:

Operations made easy

The simplification of network deployment, operations & management mean over all operation costs can be significantly lowered. Centralised provisioning and management ensure that the configuration and management or aspects such as security settings can be handles from one convenient place. In addition, many scale-as-you-grow set-ups can develop, changing as your business does.  Alongside this, you can boost operational efficiency and lower costs by optimising your wireless network performance.


Centrally controlling your network also means your business will benefit from:

  • Improved multi-device mobile performance
  • Integrated control = easy wireless function management
  • Access to varied technologies such as video streaming
  • Enhanced employee productivity

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Medium and Large Single-Site Enterprises

Obviously there are various elements which will enable your business to run as smoothly as possibly. Thankfully, the right wireless LAN controller can provide:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High-performance
  • Integrated control
  • Increased security

But that’s not all,roaming capabilities ensure use is made even easier via any smart device including voice and video appications. Plus, is you require multisite operation for numerous branches through one single location, that isn’t a problem either.

Getting more from your BWA

From the tracking of rogue devices to advancd location services there really is a wide portfolio of features you can enjoy with your BWA set up. What’s more, onece your solutions is up-and-running, don’t forget that there Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Preventiom Systems are on hand to identify any over-the-air threats.